By Joe Mathieu, WBZ NewsRadio 1030

BOSTON (CBS) – If Governor Deval Patrick had a nickel for every time someone ran a story on his national political ambitions he would be a very wealthy man today.

And you can add a bunch more nickels today after Politico ran the headline: “Deval Patrick Open to White House Bid.”

Keep in mind the word that’s worked everyone into a froth is, “maybe.”

That’s it.

Well, to be accurate, he actually said “maybe” twice when asked by Politico if he could see himself as a national candidate.

But what does that mean?

The governor has said as recently as last summer that he would not run in 2016 and he has said definitively that he does not want to be the vice president.

The only person with the answer may be Hillary Clinton, who is keeping any number of Democratic contenders on the sidelines.

And for good reason.

It’s believed that Clinton would clear the field because no one wants to run against her in a primary. And so we’ve got everyone from Vice President Joe Biden to Secretary of State John Kerry and possibly (if we’re buying this latest story) Patrick all lined-up in Hillary’s waiting room.

Now keep in mind that there’s also growing speculation that former Senator Scott Brown, who recently moved to New Hampshire and has made appearances in Iowa, may also be considering a White House run. Specifically as a running mate – suggesting that we could see Scott Brown and Deval Patrick on presidential tickets in the same year.

Plug that into your political fantasy game.

Oh and by the way, Politico is running the Patrick story on its front page right now. And just a few spots below it, a topless photo of Scott Brown with the headline “Man of Mystery” – a headline that could serve for both of them.

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