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Yes it’s true, I got a taste of everything winter in New England can dish out in one season, and I did it all in 8-days.   I’ve been counting my blessings ever since.  Thank you God and thank you state of Florida.  Damn is it nasty up there or what.  It’s either worse than it ever was, or my wimp factor is rising rapidly and my fear is, it’s the latter.  I was born and brought up in New England and in the course of a 43-year career in broadcasting, I slugged and sloshed through every kind of weather you can name.   Blizzards, hurricanes, a few tornadoes, bone-chilling sub-zero cold and heat that would rival the hottest desert and I don’t remember complaining more than once or twice.   But I just spent 8-days in New England and other than family, that is a nasty place to be in 2014.   It snowed four of the eight days, there’s something short of three feet of it on my back deck and the snowplow piles at the end of the driveway exceed ten-feet and people are telling me….”you just have to embrace it.”    Well embrace this honey because my plane landed in Florida the other day……clear blue skies, 82 degrees, a light sea breeze and my sanity is back.   Yes I know all the pitfalls of this place and at times, there are some pretty crappy things to complain about down here, but this time of year……….I’m all over it and lovin’ it!

Having said all that….is it okay if I come back for the summer and fall season up North?   I hope so.

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