BOSTON (CBS)  — Celtics head coach Brad Stevens is a calm customer, even when he’s getting ejected.

Stevens and the rest of his Celtics lost a frustrating one to the Sacramento Kings on Saturday night, a night the first-year head coach was without two of his star players in Rajon Rondo (rest) and Jared Sullinger (concussion). He had to sit back and watch the Kings’ DeMarcus Cousins beat up on his team in the paint, but the Sacramento center was never whistled for a few questionable calls late in the game (when he already had five fouls).

With Sacramento up 101-94 in the final 40 seconds, forward Gerald Wallace was whistled for his second technical of the evening, and was ejected from the game. A few seconds later, his head coach would join him.

Stevens had seen enough at that point and he politely let Marc Davis know. The Celtics coach was given a pair of technical fouls (the first two of his NBA career) and sent to the locker room to watch the rest of the game. Not surprisingly, he went quietly and without protest.

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Stevens said after the game it was his first ejection at any level (though he said he received his fair share of technicals while at Butler). He wouldn’t say what he said to Davis, but it was pretty clear he wasn’t pleased with what Cousins was getting away with against his team, and Wallace’s ejection was the last straw.

“I’m happy for him. Welcome to the NBA,” Wallace said after the game.

Before leaving the floor, Stevens made sure to give a wave to Kings head coach Mike Malone to congratulate him on the win.

Stevens’ first career ejection will likely go down as the nicest ejection in NBA history.



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