By Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV News Producer

EAST BOSTON (CBS) – One of the women attacked during a recent string of assaults in East Boston is speaking out.

“Angelica” was going to visit her cousin on Monday afternoon. She had just rung the doorbell when a man hit her from behind, and threatened to kill her.

Originally from El Salvador, Spanish is Angelica’s first language. Her 19-year-old son Oscar translated for WBZ-TV.

“He grabbed her and threw her to the floor and then he was covering her mouth and her nose, trying to suffocate her because she didn’t stop screaming,” he explained.

The attack happened in broad daylight on Trenton St. in East Boston. She fought her attacker, who she says, smelled of alcohol.

“Her body hurts because she was, kind of, trying to get away from him,” says her son.

During the struggle the storm door was smashed and Angelica was injured. But when her cousin came down the stairs, the man took off.

“They were both screaming and so the guy stood up and left,” says Oscar.

On the same day, 2 other women were assaulted in East Boston in the same area. Police believe the same man attacked each of them.


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