Felger and Marc Bertrand opened the day discussing the Boston Red Sox and David Ortiz. Should the Sox give Ortiz a contract extension? The NBA Trade Deadline is tomorrow at 3pm. Will the Boston Celtics trade Rajon Rondo before tomorrow’s deadline? Also, USA Men’s Ice Hockey advanced to the semi-finals with today’s 5-2 win over the Czech Republic. The US will face Canada on Friday, with the winner advancing to the Gold medal game.

In Hour 2, Felger and Bertrand continue to talk about the upcoming NBA Trade Deadline. What is Rondo’s value on the trade market? The guys continued to discuss Men’s Olympic Ice Hockey and it’s affect on the NHL. Should the NHL continue to play games while the Olympics are going on? This is Felger’s first day back since the US shoot-out win over the Russia on Saturday. Did Saturday’s outcome change people’s minds about the shoot-out?

During Hour 3 of Felger and Bertrand, the guys were still discussing David Ortiz and his request for a contract extension. Does Ortiz have a problem with Tony Massarotti and/or Dan Shaughnessy? Finally, Mike and Marc go on to talk about Russia’s 3-1 loss to Finland.

In the fourth and final hour of Felger and Bertrand, David Ortiz’s request for a contract extension and the upcoming NBA Trade Deadline are still the hot topics. Felger and Marc took calls on both topics. Should the Sox extend Ortiz? Will the Celtics move Rondo before tomorrow’s deadline? Before the Final Word with Marshall Hook, the guys check in with Dan Roche from Boston Red Sox Spring Training.


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