BOSTON (CBS) – As we recover from the latest of many snowstorms this winter, the Red Sox are warming up in Spring Training.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens and his sons remind us that this is a sure sign that warmer weather is coming.

“Play ball” is the cry that fills the palm tree air, where the kind weather gods blow the foul balls fair, where beads of sweat fill a pitcher’s face, where daffodils of hope sprout all over the place.

“Play ball” is the song of the coming spring where color erupts all over everything, where New England outfields are spray painted green, where the bumble bees hum and the lightning is mean.

“Play ball” from Fort Myers to Tempe, Arizona, where the center field sun beats hot like a sauna, where a shortstop’s arm whips the ball to first, where a little kid smiles so hard that it hurts.

“Play ball” in a land that says “go go go”, “Where there is no ice and there is no snow.”

Where you wear a T-shirt when you walk out the door, where every afternoon it’s 74.

“Play ball” reminds us that winter ends, Spring Training is spring right around the bend, no more snow shoveling or slips on the ice.

Winter has its moments, “but summertime’s nice.”

“Play ball” rise up now, you frozen wretch.

“C’mon out dad, and let’s play catch.”

Soon the days will be warm, and spring will be here, and the coldest thing in the stands will be the beer.

“Play ball” is a new season’s gentle pronouncement.

“Soon there won’t be any ‘no school’ announcements.”

Put the coats in the closet, dress for better weather, the only gloves you’ll need are made of leather.

“Play ball” in the shadow of a bright warm day where the snowflakes melt and the clouds roll away:

A soft indication that a new time’s near

“Play ball” is the same as “Happy New Year”

“Play ball” is the song of the blood you feel when dandelions and line drives fill the region’s fields where fastballs whistle and robins sing

“Play ball” is the annual song of spring.

“Play ball!”

Listen to Carl Stevens and his sons here:


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