BOSTON (CBS) –  Thursday night’s mean one thing on The Adam Jones Show: Role Play on Game of Jones!

Jones dons many different hats during the segment and answers a specific question as that person. Here is Thursday night’s lineup:

-Danny Ainge: If you could make just one (realistic) trade by next week, what would be?

Celtics At 7: Cash In Those Chips Now!

– Steve Drew: How long will you wait until you take a one-year deal?

– Bill Belichick: If Aqib Talib gets big money elsewhere, what’s the fall back plan?

“Well, we’ll probably look at the draft and see what sort of prospects are there. When Nick Caserio tells me he likes a certian player, I’ll probably just take the corner from Rutgers,” Jones said as Belichick. “If Talib, if we can’t bring him back, we’ll just find the next Logan Ryan-type player and ignore all my scouts on draft night.”

“If we lose Aqib Talib, more Rutgers guys on defense. That’s my answer.”

– President of IOC: If you could eliminate one event from the Winter Games what would it be? And if you could add one event, what would it be?

Listen: Statement Win By USA Over Slovakia



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