BOSTON (CBS) – – Did 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Rich Keefe put the jinx on an Olympic curler?

Earlier this week, he was discussing curling, and how he had never seen anyone hit the ice during a match. That changed just a few short hours after he said that.

“I may have put a certain curler in harms way,” Keefe said Thursday night. “I mentioned that curling would be a fun sport to do, and how I don’t know how they slide down the ice and maneuver around the stones and never touch them. They’re sliding up and down like it’s no big deal, like it’s not a hard surface.”

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Well Andrey Drozdov, the skip (or captain) of the Russian Curling team, took a spill during their match against Switzerland.

“Skip was in the house, and then skip went down hard,” said Keefe. “There was a ton of stones everywhere, so he’s looking to see where they’re going. He just slips and eats it, falls hard on his face or side of his head, crashes down on the ice. You literally never see that.”

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“The Zamboni must have just gone out there, because it was slick,” said Keefe. “His little sweep, that thing went flying. He gets up and everyone is concerned for him. He was holding his shoulder more than anything else, but you would have thought head and concussion.”

“He was able to get up and dust himself off, and Russia beat Switzerland 7-6. So at least it happened in a win,” added Keefe.



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