BOSTON (CBS) – The NFL dominates basically every month on the American sporting calendar, save for one.

February is widely considered the worst sports month of the year. You got the NBA and NHL All-Star Games, the Super Bowl on the first weekend and that’s about it – things get pretty dead until March Madness kicks off.

So would it behoove the NFL to push the Super Bowl back a few weeks to Presidents Day Weekend? And no, you wouldn’t accomplish this by adding more weeks between the conference championships and the Super Bowl – two weeks is enough.

However, given the NFL’s stated desire to expand the playoffs and regular season, this could actually be a realistic possibility.

Using the 2013 calendar as an example, Andy Gresh goes through the logistics of what would need to happen to accomplish this goal.

“If they can get the 18-game regular season then this would be the weekend they target for the Super Bowl in the middle of February. Let’s face it, what the hell is going on in these two weeks in February?

It’s possible that the players and the NFLPA will fight an 18-game regular season tooth and nail, but a Super Bowl in mid-February would “dominate” the sports calendar according to Gresh.

From a fan perspective, not having to go to work the next day would be ideal.

Even in a 16-game regular season a Presidents Day Weekend Super Bowl is doable.

You could schedule it to include a bye for all teams between the end of the regular season and the start of the playoffs. Play the three weeks of games (wildcard, divisional and conference), have the two week layoff for the Super Bowl and that gets you to this week as well.

A listener said on Twitter that the NFL wouldn’t want to compete with NBA All Star Weekend, which got a good laugh out of Gresh and Scott Zolak.

Listen below for the full discussion:



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