PEABODY (CBS) – A morning commute on roads covered with snow, ice and slush is no picnic but just imagine doing it without heat, windshield wipers, or even a car.

A man who only identified himself as “Joe” rides his bike to work every morning and despite a temptation to stay in bed he was pedaling through the wintry mess, stopping just long enough to grab a cup of coffee at a Peabody convenience store.

Asked how he rides his bike in this kind of weather, Joe replied, “very carefully.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karen Twomey reports

“It can be dangerous,” he said. “It’s wet. It’s slippery.”

Joe dresses for the elements with rain pants, a jacket and hat. “You gotta kind of go with it and hope people respect me on the roads,” he explained.

And that respect is a slush-covered two-way street for Joe who pulls over when the space between cars and icy patches gets too tight.

With more storms on the horizon, expect to see Joe still out there on his bike.

“I gotta do what I have to do to go to work.”

Karen Twomey contributed to this report.



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