MEDFORD (CBS) – A man accused of groping a teenager who was walking home from school in Arlington is being held on $1 million bail.

Prosecutors presented some of the evidence against Patrick Barry on Friday in a Medford court room, which included records from a GPS bracelet that put him at the scene of the alleged indecent assault in Arlington.

Police say the victim was able to give a very good description of Barry, which helped them identify him as a possible suspect.

“She said that as she pushed the suspect away, there was a split second of time that they stared at each other – that the suspect was expressionless. He never said a word,” Assistant District Attorney John Dawley told the court.

That description and sketch led police to check GPS records for Barry, which prosecutors say put him at the scene.

In addition, police found clothing in Barry’s home that matched the victim’s description of the suspect, and Barry’s mother told officers that she and her son were near the area of Arlington around the same time of the crime.

Barry was ordered to wear a GPS bracelet after he was charged with brutally attacking women in Mission Hill last year. The judge agreed to revoke bail in those cases.



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