BOSTON (CBS) – Adolfo was out at the Garden last night to interview inebriated Celtics fans exiting the building, and it didn’t take him long to find the group of fans who’d give him the best audio.

At 19-35 the Celtics from a basketball perspective haven’t been much to watch this season, but going to sporting events is always fun, and these guys definitely had their fair share of fun.

One of the drunkards kept yelling “HEY” at random ladies walking by. It’s the old “numbers” method where if you yell at 1 million women maybe 1 of them will respond to you. Needless to say it didn’t work.

Adolfo started with a simple question: What do you think of the Celtics?

Apparently the person was confused by the question because it led into a discussion about Red Auerbach and Star Trek.

What does this Celtics team have to do with Elvis Presley? No idea, but one of them couldn’t stop talking about the King.

Listen below!


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