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Consider this:

Bradley Jay: ‘Is Life Imprisonment A Harsher Punishment Than Execution?’

There are some that will say in an off-hand way that life in prison is a more severe punishment than execution, but could that really be true? Granted, if one receives a life sentence, one has a long time to regret sins, but if a person is the type who could commit capital murder, that person may not have the capacity for remorse. Also, there a chance that a convict might eek out a meaningful life behind bars, and there is always the hope of eventual freedom, however unlikely.

Those who say that a life sentence is worse than death may not have thought through the realities of execution. In the abstract, there is a certain romance to it. The reality is pretty grisly.

It has been pointed out that some who have been sentenced to execution actually die in prison due to all the appeals and red tape associated with a death sentence. It may be that this actually makes the death penalty the most severe option, because even if delays cause a convict to expire in prison before being executed, the whole time behind bars has been spent envisioning those final horrible moments before a bitter end. So a sentence of death may actually provide the worst of both worlds.

Click play to see who believes that life in prison is worse than execution.


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