BOSTON (CBS) – The United Kingdom doesn’t seem like a very mountainous region, which would explain why these two British commentators at the Winter Olympics in Sochi seem to have no idea what’s going on.

Ed Leigh and Tim Warwood work for the BBC and they’ve been assigned to cover snowboarding at the Winter Olympics, and just judging by the broadcast they might not be all too familiar with the sport.

Toucher and Rich played some of the audio highlights Wednesday morning.

“The Chinese have turned it up to an 11 with that one, and this one is like a soaring eagle!”

“It sounds like they’re on acid and they’re describing the clouds,” joked Fred Toucher.

“Liquid snowboarding right here! This one is like Jurassic Park!”

“That’s like taking a body blow from Mike Tyson and getting up smiling!”

“It’s like they took Russell Brand, put him in a booth and said ‘describe what you’re seeing'” said Rich.

Snowboarding is a language that most are unfamiliar with, but “like an alligator giving birth” is an analogy that’s completely out of left field.

Listen below for the full segment:



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