By Christina Hager, WBZ-TVBy Christina Hager

BRIDGEWATER (CBS) – The armed intruder who demanded money from a 73-year-old store clerk in Bridgewater Sunday had no idea what he was getting into. “You want cash money?” Al Sassine picked up the big wooden stick he keeps behind the counter and went after him. “Come on. I give you cash money!”

Police say it was Matthew Nevergelt. Sassine recognized him as a regular customer, even through his mask. He says his wife noticed Nevergelt was holding a knife, as he handed over a note. He pretended he couldn’t read it. “What’s this,” he asked. He says Nevergelt answered, “I need cash money.”

Sassine’s answer? “Come on,” as he grabbed his stick. “I give you cash money,” he said waving the stick at him. He says Nevergelt ran.

Police say he later turned up at a Kentucky Fried Chicken about a half a mile away. He ordered a meal, ate it, and then surveillance video shows him run behind the register. The video shows him get into a scuffle with two employees before running off with the register drawer full of cash. Soon after police found him, and arrested him.

Sassine’s customers are not surprised. “When I heard it, I smiled and said ‘No way. You’re not taking this man’s money,'” said customer Richard Sproules. He and others were talking about it as Sassine filled their cars with gas this week. “I felt really bad, but I’m glad everything worked out,” said Patty Shunstrom.


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