Adam Jones discussed current Celtics trade rumors involving Brandon Bass and Jeff Green in the latest edition of Celtics at 7.

Jones quoted what he deemed the most interesting part of Sean Devaney’s report in The Sporting News:

“Rival executives say the rebuilding Celtics could be among the busiest teams at the trade deadline, at least in terms of phone calls logged. Boston would be willing to make a deal for just about any player on the roster, though there are no plans to trade point guard Rajon Rondo without an overwhelming offer.”

“This confirms what I think we already suspected — that the Celtics are going to be selling off these pices,” Jones said. “I’ve been saying it for a month. Brandon Bass is likely the next guy to go. He has a fairly manageable contract. He’s a good fit in a lot of different places.”

Overall, the prospect of Danny Ainge being active at the deadline is a good thing for Celtics fans, said Jones.

“I like hearing that within the league, rival executives think the Celtics are going to be maybe the busiest team at the trade deadline,” he said. “That is a good thing for Celtics fans.”


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