By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) — It was a frightening scene at a Citgo gas station in Dorchester on Sunday morning when a driver plowed into a man who was pumping gas.

Carollynne Post, who was walking to work, jumped into action when someone shouted for help from the Morrissey Boulevard gas station.

She found a gas station customer bleeding profusely.

“And he was on the ground, flipped over backwards,” Post said.

A driver had struck the man — pinning him against a gray barrier near a pump.

“I pulled my belt off and put a tourniquet on his leg and was talking to him,” Post said.

The victim has been identified by family members as 48-year-old Buddy Blinn of Dorchester. He had surgery Sunday on one leg for a severe injury. His other leg is broken.

“He was asking for his wife,” Post said. “He was saying he was going to die.”

Post tried to keep Blinn calm, while relying on the first aid she learned about 30 years ago in boot camp.

“I was in the Marine Corps for eight years, so I learned basic first aid many moons ago and I didn’t even know it was still in me,” she said.

Boston firefighters said they had to use extrication tools to free Blinn.

While firefighters were The overhead fire extinguishing system at the gas station activated and Hazmat crews were brought in to clean up.


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