A Blog by Gary LaPierre

I do hope nothing bad happens between the time I’m writing these thoughts and the time you’re reading about it, but so far, hats off to Putin for pulling it off safely and nicely……so far.   I honestly wasn’t really looking forward to the Winter Olympics this year…..I don’t know why….it just didn’t seem to interest me as much as in years past, plus playing the games in Putin’s Russia was enough to put anybody off.  He did at least keep his shirt on through the proceedings.

I thought the opening ceremonies were terrific.  They promised a bigger-than-ever opening show and they delivered.   It was special.   It’s now Sunday however and if I hear Scott Hamilton gushing about one more sawed off camel’s axle, or what the hell ever they call ’em, I’m going to switch to re-runs of Duck Dynasty.  Kidding!  I did get a chance to see some women on ski’s with a rifle on their back today…….pushing themselves along with ski poles and then suddenly dropping to the ground, flat on their bellies, whip the rifle off their backs and shoot something….then get up and ski some more.    That was exciting…………ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.    The regular downhill skiing was pretty good for a while, until they decided these guys had to include skiing down a steel handrail part of the way down and slapping a clown up side the head half-way there.    What was that all about?

I’m looking forward to some parts of the Olympics, including the hockey if they ever get to that and then of course there’s the curling!!!!!!   Yup they call it “chess on ice” and I can’t decide which is more cause for heart-pounding emotions.   Bowls, boule and shuffleboard are right up there in intensity of the sport (I think speed knitting should be in there too) but when these Olympians start pushing their polished “rocks” across the ice curling sheet towards the “house” I’m probably going to grab my curling broom and go sweep out the garage.

Uh Oh….watch out….here comes Brian Boitano for another interview……Gotta go!!


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