2013BlizzardLooking back, all of the stops were pulled out leading into it. It was the real deal. One year ago today, the Blizzard of 2013 started and it ended the next day on the 9th. It featured mammoth amounts of snow and damaging winds of 40-80 mph which produced considerable coastal flooding, wave battery, beach erosion and power outages. It turned out to be Boston’s 5th biggest snowstorm on record and its 4th biggest February snowstorm on record at 24.9″. Check out the list of snowfall reports compiled by the National Weather Service.

Looking ahead, there is no big deal in the next 7 days. Yes, I am predicting some snow but there should be nothing more than a coating to an inch or two late tomorrow into tomorrow night with another threat on Thursday perhaps into Friday. That second chance is sketchy and quite uncertain at this time. We need to wait a couple of days before we can get a decent handle on the timing of various perturbations in the atmosphere. Bits and pieces of energy in the steering currents will be monitored for possible consolidation, merging and intensification. Presently, nobody can be confident of how it is all going to shake out. I give it a 50/50 chance of materializing based upon current signals. At this juncture, I would probably be more surprised if it turned out to be a big storm than if it turned out to be a dud. By later Monday into early Tuesday, the solution should become more defined and clarified. Until then, expect a few spotty snow showers tomorrow afternoon followed by a steadier mostly light snow tomorrow evening into the predawn hours of Monday.

Temperatures will remain below the average by as much as a dozen or so degrees through Tuesday with more seasonable readings the second half of next week. I am expecting highs in the upper 20s to near 30 tomorrow and Monday with middle 20s on Tuesday. One model is depicting a nice warm-up next weekend but that is definitely not etched in stone just yet.

I will publish an updated blog in the morning and Danielle Niles will follow later in the day.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


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