By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

STERLING (CBS) – As people mourn the loss of a boy at Elm Street Elementary in Gardner when a television fell on top of him, Kimberly Amato knows her effort is far from over.

A piece of furniture in her Sterling home is a daily reminder of what happened nearly 10 years ago when a bureau fell on top her three-year-old daughter Meghan Beck.

“She was very feisty,” says Amato. “We miss her very much.”

After Meghan’s death, her mom made it her mission to try to prevent this type of tragedy.

“I’ve been talking about Meghan and tip-over prevention for nine years now and it’s really become how I mother her,” said Amato. “It’s about educating other people so it doesn’t happen to them.”

Amato has started a website, writes articles, and teaches safety classes, stressing the importance of strapping down furniture and television sets.

“Parents first and foremost don’t even know it’s a risk,” said Amato. “And they certainly don’t know it can kill them.”

Strapping down furniture, Amato says, is an easy solution to keep children safe.

“I have to walk around for the rest of my life knowing that $5 and 15 minutes could have saved Meghan’s life,” said Amato.

Amato says different types of straps can easily be purchased online and sometimes at hardware stores.

Meghan left behind two siblings including her twin brother.

Today the bureau is decked with mementos that honor Meghan’s spirit.

“It was the last place where she was alive,” says Amato. “Not really the place where she died.”


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