BOSTON (CBS) – The NBA trade deadline is less than two weeks away, and the Boston Celtics are expected to be heavily involved when the wheeling and dealing begins.

Jeff Green’s name will be among those popping up in various different trade scenarios, and had some fun with Green and ESPN’s trade machine. Adam Jones and Rich Keefe took a look at these proposed trades on Thursday night’s “Celtics At 7,” and say one of the proposed deals is exactly what the Celtics should be looking for if they choose to part ways with Green.

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While Jones and Keefe wouldn’t mind a Green to Washington for Trevor Ariza swap (both players make roughly the same money, but Ariza has fewer years) if Boston can get a first round pick out of it, Jones is a big fan of the CelticsHub’s proposed Green and Keith Bogans for Charlotte’s Ben Gordon deal.

“You want to talk about a tank move; Gordon is making $13.2 million, shooting less than 40 percent from the field and less than 30 percent from the three-point range. If you want a guy to come in, a Joel Anthony-useless type of piece, and really tank, that’s the move you do,” said Jones. “I don’t know you get the asset from Charlotte — my guess is that they’re a little guarded with the assets than a team like Washington trying to make a playoff push.”

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“But that’s a move you could make if you’re Danny Ainge,” said Jones. “And that’s a true tank job, a way to find your way into the Top 5 (of the lottery).”



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