By Joe Mathieu, WBZ NewsRadio 1030

BOSTON (CBS) – It’s not the headline you want to see when you spend time every day on Twitter. Like me.

The fact is Twitter is changing the way we live and the way many of us work. That is certainly the case in the news business, as it helps us gather and deliver large amounts of information instantly and easily.

But the very same things that make twitter cool are apparently making us dumb.

At least that’s the take from a doctor at the University of Edinburgh who looked into this.

The Daily Mail reports he put groups of people through tests as individuals and in social environments and quickly found the subjects were parroting people around them. Not putting any thought into their answers.

So, basically, the doc thinks Twitter and other social networks like Facebook are making us lazy. Less analytical. And more stupid.

And separate research has also found some of these sites may actually be hurting our memories.

A study in the journal Science found we are more likely to forget things if we believe we can find them again online.

That probably makes you think first of Google or Yahoo but of course more people are searching for news and information on Facebook and Twitter every day.

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