BOSTON (CBS) — Mayor Marty Walsh says the city is ready to handle a beating from Mother Nature.

As of 6 a.m., he said 500 plows and sanders will be on the street and plenty of salt is at the ready.

“I suggest everyone do your best to shovel out,” Walsh said noting temperatures may plummet overnight and there could be freezing.

Gov. Deval Patrick warned people Wednesday to stay home and off the roads.

Patrick on the storm’s timing

“It’s terrible timing,” Patrick said. “We’re expecting the storm to continue right through the work day and into the evening commute.”

Patrick said non-emergency state employees are asked to stay home and he hopes other employers will show similar flexibility.

“If you can stay at home, do so because it helps us all help you,” Patrick said.

Walsh is allowing business owners to make their own decision about having workers come in but is urging everyone to take public transportation.

“You’re better off taking the train if you can,” Walsh said.

As for space savers? Walsh said he used to be a “space saver guy” but his opinion is changing.

“We didn’t save our space before the snow, only after you shovel your spot out,” he said.


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