BOSTON (CBS) – Do you hear that? That’s the sound of crickets and the Boston Red Sox offseason.

It’s been quiet to say the least, and a little too quiet for Tony Massarotti – even for a team coming off a World Series win.

“They just won the World Series and there’s this attitude now that they have this get out of jail free card for 2014 with no penalty or price to pay for it from a public standpoint,” said Mazz on Wednesday. “Did they lower ticket prices or something? Did they do that? Do the games mean less?”

“You still have some obligation from year-to-year to do your best right? I look at their offseason and I have a very simple question: are you satisfied with the way their winter has gone? How have they improved this team really?”

Tony thinks the Red Sox got complacent, but Michael Felger argues they are simply exercising discipline.

“I hope it’s just they’re building on their next big thing like Beetle said earlier. They’re working on their next great team. I’d like to think they’re in position to do the right thing and stay the course. There’s no reason to change the course. Just because you won early and it came together better than you thought that doesn’t mean you give up on the plan in the first place.”

What do you think: Complacency or discipline? Listen below for the full discussion:


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