A Blog by Gary LaPierre

It’s about time somebody had the stones to do what CVS is about to do.    A giant pharmaceutical chain is about to give up more than 2 billion dollars in revenues by halting all cigarette and tobacco sales in their stores, effective this fall.    Oh,  it’s only a small percentage of their gross sales, perhaps slightly over 1 percent, but finally, somebody is stepping up by refusing to participate in the proliferation of tobacco products….whether you smoke it or chew it.    Of course this is being done while our government and the citizenry at large is endorsing the lame-brain idea of legalizing something else people can smoke…..and get high on it…as a bonus.  Yes I know marijuana use is supposed to be for medicinal purposes only, but just ask California and Colorado and probably Washington as well…..that’s just a ruse.    And by the way, congratulations to the potheads in Massachusetts who just “greased the skids” and got the government to open up the slippery slope by designating where the pot stores are going to go.    What an incredible mistake, despite the poll numbers which apparently suggest the public at large thinks this is a good idea.     Yup…..a new mind-altering drug now available at the corner store….what a horrific message to today’s young people.

But I digress……CVS has the right message today.   Only in America, when people are sick and need medicines, they have to schlep their way to the far rear-end of the store to find the pharmacist and the medicines they may need.  However, need some tar-filled-cancer-causing tobacco to light up and suck into your lungs?   Hell that’s right by the front door of the store….pass it on the way in…..pass it on the way out.    Not any more at CVS…and they should be applauded.   No more cigarette products at CVS stores all over the country….starting in a couple of months.

Just one more thing….briefly:    Justin Bieber is a certified idiot.  I’m not sure why I say that, but I just feel better having done so.


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