BOSTON (CBS) – Andy Gresh is starting to see and hear, whether on television or radio, the same rhetoric being said about Jeff Green.

“If he could only be more inconsistent.”

“He’s good in flashes.”

“If he could just put it all together.”

Etc, etc etc.

Celtics At 7: Big Weeks Ahead For “Tankapolooza”

We’ve heard these rumblings in the past, but Gresh wonders if the fact that he’s seeing the same article three times over on three different forums is an indication that Danny Ainge is getting ready to move the frustrating forward.

Shaughnessy chalks it up to the fact that writers who cover teams are constantly talking to each other.

However, that’s not to say he doesn’t disagree with their viewpoint.

“From day one Jeff Green was never the best player in that trade. I’m sorry, but I would rather have Kendrick Perkins than this guy. I know, he’s not Bill Russell or Wilt Chamberlain. But they blew up a team that had a chance to win a championship when they made that deal. I’ve never understood it.”

Toucher & Rich: Would Celtics Use Top 5 Draft Pick Or Package It In A Deal?

“We know his skill set. We saw him get 43 points against the Heat – the talent is there, which makes it so frustrating to watch him. This has been out there on him by scouts, and has been his M.O. forever. You don’t win with this guy. He’s a perfect physical specimen. God bless him for getting over the heart thing, and he is capable of what you see, just not on a consistent basis.”

“Trade his ass. Absolutely. They shouldn’t have had him in the first place. He’s a tease. He’s never going to be the player you want him to be,” Shaughnessy concluded.

Listen below for the full discussion:


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