By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

MANCHESTER, N.H. (CBS) — New Hampshire road crews are gearing up for tomorrow’s storm by spraying the state’s highways and turnpikes with a special salt-brine application.

“It helps break the snow adhesion to the road,” said Christopher Waszczuk, administrator for the New Hampshire Bureau of Turnpikes. “So the first snowflakes that fall, they’ll in essence melt.”

So far this season, the Bureau of Turnpikes has used about one-third of its 17,700 tons of salt. The bureau is responsible for about 89 miles of road.

The Department of Transportation has used almost 80-percent of its salt supply on the remainder of the state’s highways. More salt is on the way.

The state handles about 4,600 miles of road.

“There’s still plenty of winter left to go,” said Bill Boynton, public information officer for the New Hampshire Department of Transportation. “We’re adding an additional 21,000 tons.”

Meanwhile, transportation officials are doing what they can to reduce salt consumption because of the cost, its impact on the roads and the environment.

“We’re using brine, we’re pre-treating roads, we’re making salt more effective, so we’re using less of it,” said Waszczuk.

But with another storm on the way, the concern at the state level is that the salt could run out.

So far this season the state is running ahead of its average use.

“We don’t know how the winter is going to play out,” said Boynton.

The state has a $42 million winter budget and has spent about 65-percent already.



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