BOSTON (CBS) – A report surfaced on Tuesday that the Red Sox had made a two-year offer to free agent shortstop Stephen Drew.

Boston made a one-year, $14.1 million qualifying offer to Drew earlier in the off-season, but he and his agent Scott Boras turned it down. It’s been quiet on the Drew front ever since, with a few whispers of interested teams, but he still remains out there.

CBS Sports’ Baseball insider Jon Heyman joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Gresh & Zolak for his weekly chat on Tuesday, and isn’t sure if the reported Drew offer is anything new.

“I’m not sure that’s even new information,” said Heyman. “I don’t know how relevant that is.”

“I know they touch base every now and then. I heard earlier that it was a two-year offer, possibly with a one-year opt-out for Drew. I still think it makes sense,” he said. “They’ve already lost Ellsbury up the middle and it’s a lot to depend on three young players in Middlebrooks, Bradley and Bogaerts. I think it makes sense, and I know they’ve kept the door open a crack.”

Drew struggled at the plate for Boston last season, but showed off some great defense throughout their World Series run. So why aren’t more teams looking to sign the sure-handed shortstop?

“The qualifying offer has the draft choice attached, which I don’t know why it’s considered a piece of gold. I remember for years them telling us the draft is a crap shoot, and there’s only a 50-percent chance a first rounder even makes it to the major leagues,” said Heyman. “The small chance that someone might hit on a pot of gold is holding these teams up from signing these guys.”

There was also a rumor out on Monday that the Miami Marlins are still interested in acquiring third baseman Will Middlebrooks. But Heyman does not see the two sides finding a deal that suits both teams.

“I don’t see how Middlebrooks can be traded without the Red Sox signing Drew,” said Heyman. “I saw reports that it wasn’t a great match. It’s difficult to trade a young guy with potential; some people feel he can become a star and other people are not so sure. The price is hard to gauge on that.”

Heyman also says why he thinks David Ortiz is worth $20 million/year:


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