Puck Daddy’s Harrison Mooney joined Adam Jones on Monday night to discuss, among other topics, the Bruins-Canucks game in Boston on Tuesday night.

Jones asked Mooney what is the general feeling in Vancouver toward Brad Marchand. The answer was pretty much what you’d expect.

“They hate him. I think probably he’s going to be hated for a while out here,” Mooney said before expanding. “But I think honestly, Canucks fans that hate Brad Marchand, they also know that he’s not really that dissimilar a player in terms of the way he conducts himself to an Alex Burrows or  Ryan Kesler. And I do think that the intelligent, thinking Canucks fans out here are able to look at a guy like that and say, ‘I hate him so much. I kind of wish he was on my team.’ And I think that that happens a lot.”

Mooney said Canucks fans have even hated one of their own. All it took was a different sweater.

“We saw that with Ryan Kesler during the Vancouver Olympics, where as soon as he put on the Team USA jersey, there were people in Vancouver who were like, ‘I never want this guy to come back. I hate him. I hate him,'” Mooney said. “And then he comes back, plays for the Canucks, and all of that’s gone.

“So I think as much as we despise Brad Marchand out here, most of us appreciate that he does what he does very well, and he’s a pretty valuable player for the Bruins.”

Mooney also discussed the potential for trades going down before the Olympic break, the importance of John Tortorella returning form suspension, Steven Stamkos’ chances of being ready for Sochi, the chances of the Rangers swinging some major deals before the deadline, and more.

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