By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

DOVER, N.H. (CBS) — 17-year-old Austin Long runs his own company from his bedroom in Dover, New Hampshire.

“So I started when I was like 13 on YouTube and I was just making videos with my friends having fun,” said Long.

The Dover High School senior who created his own business called SquareOne just sold it to California media firm Omnia Media for a lot of money.

“I can’t say how much,” said Long. “At the time, we were projected to make about $2.5 million gross annual sales. I’m very happy with it and I’ll definitely be all set for a while.”

His company helps online entertainers–mostly gamers who create videos that people watch– maximize their growth.

While classmates spent time enjoying typical teenage activities, Austin built a business.

Even though he has sold the company, he still runs it and is a salaried employee who’s splurged on a new watch and nice sneakers.

The success and the paychecks are both mind-boggling to his parents.

“Still stunned because most kids at his age they’re working at a grocery store or something like that,” said his father Tim.

Once he graduates from Dover High later this year, Austin has choices to make.

He’s already been accepted to a college in Florida or he might go to California and work full-time for his own company.

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