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Consider this:

Bradley Jay: ‘Is Boston Better Off Without Happy Hour?’

Happy Hour is a nice idea. I mean who doesn’t want to be happy, if even for an hour or two. The notion of co-workers gathering to reward themselves for another day of “shoulder to the wheel” is a warm and fuzzy one. Happy Hour can be the white light at the end of the dark tunnel that many perceive work to be. Of course, we are all adults who can be trusted to drink responsibly, even when drinks are half price, and who use the price break to pay the rent rather than cram more booze down our gullets before the ride home. …Right?

Happy hour is a nice idea, but in practice it is a sloppy and dangerous construct that causes pain and suffering to auto accident victims and families. Some, like you and me, can be trusted in a Happy Hour environment, but far too many will bang down that third gin and tonic for the drive home. The sad fact is that as a group, when it comes to happy hour, we do need to be protected from the bad apples among us.

It’s like guns. I trust myself to own a gun, and maybe I trust you, but there are too many who just shouldn’t have a gun. And there are large numbers of people who just can’t be trusted with Happy Hour. It’s kind of a shame, but we are far better off without a Happy Hour.

If you have any doubts that I am right, click play and watch the last respondent in this man-on-the-street Jay Talking video.


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