By Danielle Niles

It’s going to be a busy week ahead: an active jet stream pattern and return to colder air means multiple storm threats and chances for snow.  First things first though…let’s talk about this weekend.  After a wild month of January (which ended up being colder than normal overall), we’re kicking off the month of February on a mild note. High temps will come into the lower 40s today despite mostly cloudy skies…and flirt with 50 tomorrow in some communities!  A cold front will cross the region tomorrow afternoon bringing some brief scattered rain showers, so you may want to have the umbrella on standby.


Now – that same front is going to stall south of us on Monday, putting us on the colder side of the boundary.  The next area of low pressure will eject off the Mid-Atlantic coastline Monday AM and pass to our south.  It looks as though it will come close enough to graze far southern New England.  As of right now, snow is likely to develop Monday late morning along the south coast and continue into the evening.  The uncertainty lay in the northern extent of the precipitation.  I do think some snow will come up towards the MA Pike…but there will likely be a sharp cutoff.  Either way, a few inches of snow will be possible along the South Coast – so stay tuned to the latest forecast!

Tuesday we get a little break in the action before the next storm.  This one looks pretty significant.  Obviously there are many details to iron out between now and Wednesday…mainly track and intensity – but be prepared for everything from snow (mainly inland) to sleet/ice and potentially a changeover to rain  along with a gusty wind & minor coastal flooding.

After that, we’re quiet until NEXT weekend when another energetic disturbance with a lot of moisture is likely to impact the east coast.  One storm at a time…

In the meantime, Ms. G will give her Groundhog Day prediction tomorrow at Drumlin Farm, where I’ll be live with details on all the fun festivities you can take part in!



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