BOSTON (CBS) – Albert Breer of the NFL Network thinks that when it comes to playoff football the team that wins is the one that can beat you the most ways.

For his money, Seattle is that team.

This is the fifth time that a number one ranked defense has squared off against a number one offense in the Super Bowl, and in those previous four games it was the defensive team that prevailed.

Breer expects the same result Sunday.

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“It seems like every time a high end offense and a high end defense meet in the championship games or the Super Bowl the defense winds up winning. Seattle’s got this defense that is number one is so many categories, and they’re so young that they have a chance to establish a Steelers, or Ravens type of run here. And obviously they have a defensive minded head coach.”

“When I look at the two teams there’s no question Seattle has the better roster. If you look at them top to bottom, the talent up front on both sides of the ball, the secondary and the running back, Seattle should win this game,” said Breer.

But as we know, the games aren’t won or lost on Friday morning sports talk radio. Denver still presents a lot of challenges for Seattle, specifically their pass catchers.

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“The Broncos receivers are as tough a matchup as Seattle has seen all year, but on the flip side I don’t think the Broncos have seen a running game like what Seattle will throw at them.”

Breer says look for Seahawks receiver Percy Harvin to have an impact on the game, and Denver’s lack of tape on him is problematic.

Listen below for the full discussion, including what Super Bowl week has been like in the big city of New York:



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