NORWOOD (CBS) — Afternoon activities were canceled Thursday but classes remained in session as police investigated a body found behind a Norwood school.

The human remains were found behind the Coakley Middle School, Wednesday night. The victim has been identified as 66-year-old Vincent Lalli, who was reported missing to the Somerville Police Department last week. The identification was made through fingerprint analysis.

Investigators say a dog being walked was alerted to the wooded area that lines the property and the owner called police.

Police believe Lalli may have been murdered elsewhere and then his body was left behind the school.

Thursday morning, Superintendent Jim Hayden released the follow statement to parents:

“Late yesterday afternoon a dog walker discovered a body that had been disposed of part way into the woods behind the school. Over the course of the night the police department has isolated the area and worked to clear the scene. Some police activity may still take place during the day today but away from the school. Our teachers and staff were alerted last night and are prepared to work with our students today to assure them of their safety, get them into the building quickly as the temperature is in the single digits and to hold classes today. Please pay close attention to traffic directions this morning in case we need to use only one entrance. We have decided to cancel after school activities this afternoon to help investigators that may be at the scene. While this is a disturbing event in our community we all have confidence in our Police Department and their abilities to keep us safe and solve this situation. After reassuring our students of this isolated event we plan to continue our classroom routines and classes today. Thank you for your cooperation today.”


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