BOSTON (CBS) – Felger & Mazz lead off Thursday’s show from Radio Row in New York City continuing to debate whether Manning or Brady is the better quarterback. Will it be aggravating to see the Broncos win with an offensive heavy approach that the Patriots have failed to win with? Plus Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald stops by to take Patriots calls with the guys, and former New York Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum sat down to talk about his role in Spy Gate and whether he has any regrets during his tenure with the Jets. Patriots free agent wide receiver Julian Edelman also sat down to talk about how the Patriots season came to an end, and what his future holds.

Hour two of Felger & Mazz kicked off with former Patriots Offensive Lineman Matt Light sharing his Super Bowl memories, his thoughts on this current Patriots team, and whether he’s bothered by former Rams players like Marshall Faulk still talking Spy Gate shots all these years later. They also get to your calls, and a Celtics Tankapalooza update.

Third hour of Felger & Mazz from Radio Row has the guys continuing to wonder if the Patriots are one big time player away from winning a Super Bowl. Atlanta Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff and Assistant GM Scott Pioli join Felger & Mazz to talk about the future of the Atlanta Falcons, their history with Bill Belichick and the Patriots, and how the drafting process has changed since their time with the Patriots. Plus more of your calls.

Fourth and final hour of Felger & Mazz starts off with the guys wondering about Julian Edelman’s future with the Patriots. They touch again on if the Patriots are one player away from a Super Bowl, and what it would mean for the NFL if the Broncos high powered offense wins the Super Bowl. Also this hour, Felger & Mazz’s New Yorker of the Day, Joe Beningo of WFAN in New York, joined the show to discuss his Jets, whether the Patriots are still one player away from playing for a Super Bowl, and if the Yankees caught up to the Red Sox this off-season. They wrap up the day with The Final Word with Marc Bertrand.


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