BOSTON (CBS) –  Color Adam Jones wrong, because his preseason predictions didn’t even include a playoff bound Seattle Seahawks team, let alone a Super Bowl contender.

Yet here they are, one game away from hoisting the Vince Lombardi trophy. While Jones is not the biggest Pete Carroll fan, he finds it much easier to pull for him over Denver’s quarterback.

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“I just can’t imagine pulling for Peyton Manning in that game. I can’t talk myself into doing it. There are guys on the Broncos I like: I’m rooting for Wes Welker, it would be good to see him win. Some fans and media members have issues with Richard Sherman on that Seattle team, but I’m not anti-Richard Sherman. I’m not going to call it a no brainer, because I don’t want to see Pete Carroll win, and I don’t necessarily want to see that team win, but that’s who I’m rooting for.”

From a Patriots perspective, a Broncos victory would be the worst case scenario. New England seems to be in a rebuilding mode during the final years of Tom Brady’s championship window, whereas Denver went all out for Peyton Manning to get him another title.

Can you imagine how insufferable the NFL offseason will be like should Peyton Manning win another Super Bowl?

It would be hell, says Adam Jones.

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“If you’re sitting here looking at the Broncos, looking at Peyton Manning winning another one, that just seems so detestable. It seems like something I can’t put up with for an entire offseason, sitting here having to watch him do his interviews, do his commercials and hear national commentators go over the top in their praise of him. I can’t put up with that for a whole offseason. I’d much rather see Seattle win this game.”

Who are you rooting for on Sunday and what are your reasons? Sound off in the comments section and listen below for the full discussion with Rich Keefe:



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