BURLINGTON (CBS) — One person was killed after a mattress flew off a vehicle on Interstate 95 in Burlington, State Police said.

The crash happened on the southbound side of the highway, near the border with Lexington around 3 p.m. on Tuesday.

Officials believe a mattress flew off the back of a dump truck and landed in the roadway, causing other drivers to swerve and slow down to avoid it.

The truck that was carrying the mattress kept driving, but two vehicles, a Toyota Corolla and a Toyota Tundra collided.

The driver of the Corolla, a 56-year-old woman from Famingham, was transported to Lahey Clinic where she died. The woman has not yet been identified.

The other driver, whose truck rolled over, suffered minor injuries.

Police are now looking for the truck they believe had been carrying the mattress.

Massachusetts State Police Sgt. Jeffrey Joachim believes the truck driver was at least aware that the mattress flew off the truck.

“We have witnesses who saw them stop about a mile south of the accident re-securing their load and then they continued to drive on 95 southbound,” Sgt. Joachim said. “They had to (know) because the stopped to re-secure the load.”

It’s described as a large dump truck with a white cab and possibly black netting or a tarp partially covering the bed. The bed is reported to be dark in color, with wood along the sides.

Police believe the truck was carrying other mattresses as well.

Anyone with information about the vehicle is asked to contact State Police.


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