Toucher & Rich’s Jock Olympics: Coworkers Wives

BOSTON (CBS) – Fred and Rich are trying to figure out which Sports Hub host is most out of touch with reality, so in order to do that they designed a competition to test their knowledge (or lack thereof).

It’s a battle of the on-air personalities to see who knows the least about non-sports related topics, or just matters around the station in general.

The subject for Monday’s event was coworkers wives, and participating in the competition is Jon Wallach, Andy Gresh, Scott Zolak, Hardy, Michael Felger and Tony Massarotti.

Which Sports Hub personality can name the most of his coworkers wives? The answer might surprise you.

Which Sports Hub personality can name the fewest of his coworkers wives? Well, that answer’s not all that surprising.

Listen below:

Tune in to the Jock Olympics all week long on Toucher & Rich starting at 8am!


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