BOSTON (CBS) – Bruins defenseman Torey Krug thinks the hockey world has changed over the years, and even though Team Canada is “stacked” the gold medal is up in the air.

“When you look at the different teams I think it’s anybody’s game. It’s a different world now. It’s not just Canada running the hockey world. You got everyone that can make a splash. The U.S. team looks like a very deep team to me. Team Canada looks like an All Star team, they’re going to do well and score a lot of goals, but Finland’s got Tuukka [Rask] so anything can happen. It’s a different hockey world these days, it’s not just Canada that runs the show.”

Krug won’t be making the trip to Sochi to represent Team USA, but as far as his own team is concerned, Krug is confident the Bruins will play strong until the Olympic break.

“We’re one of the teams that has a lot of guys going over there, but we’re focused on the job we have here first. We want to go in to this break feeling very good about our team and our hockey game.”

Krug and the Bruins have enjoyed a nice four-day rest period during this odd week in late January, but March will prove to be the most grueling, featuring six back-to-backs leading into April and the push for the playoffs.

Bruins captain Zdeno Chara will be leaving for Sochi one or two games early to be the flag-bearer for his native Slovakia, and not one Bruin is concerned in the least about Big Z’s commitment.

“It’s definitely a big honor for Big Z. Everyone has his back going over there, we respect that. It’s great for him. It’s not something many people get to do in their lifetimes. To be able to play with a guy like that that has that opportunity is pretty special. We’re excited that he gets to go over there and do that.”

Listen below for the full interview:



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