BOSTON (CBS) – The excitement is almost here and the suspense is almost over. The 56th annual Grammy Awards rock out on Sunday. So we asked Mix 104.1’s Salt, Gregg Daniels and Fast Freddy Murphy to study the choices and make their picks for one of the biggies, Record of the Year.

“I think Daft Punk is going to win this one,” says Daniels, for their song Get Lucky.  “It just has a seventies throwback feel.  Like a disco song.  Everybody loved it, and you couldn’t keep still listening to that song,” he adds.  “I look at it as this is the category Lorde might win because of her style.  I think her performance was amazing because it was totally different than any other female singer out there,” says Salt.  But don’t jump to conclusions.  “But that’s not going to be my pick,” he quickly adds.  “I actually think it’s going to be Daft Punk.  I think that song was just so fantastic,” he says.  “Bruno Mars, Locked Out of Heaven, was great too, but I’m going to go with the guys and say Daft Punk, Get Lucky, is going to win,” says Fast Freddy.

Other tunes up for Record of the Year, Radioactive and Blurred Lines.

Catch all the Grammy performances and award excitement right here on CBS, Sunday night at 8pm.



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