BOSTON (CBS) – Anytime there’s a big event with tens upon thousands of spectators, concerns about safety are always prevalent.

However, the Winter Olympics in Sochi is considered to be a much different animal: Russia is anti-gay and has many Muslim enemies – so needless to say the athletes and tourists will be on high alert.

Billy Jaffe of NESN came on Toucher & Rich Thursday morning to discuss the concerns. As far as the NHLers making the trip, Jaffe hasn’t sensed any anxiety among the players.

“People are talking, but it seems to be very calm. It seems to be nothing that has dominated the topic of conversation.”

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From Jaffe’s perspective, there seems to be much more chatter among those covering the game than those participating. And for the loved ones of those participating and broadcasting, it’s been suggested that they just stay home.

“The stories breaking over the past week have been out of control. I’ve been up in Toronto talking to people and they are definitely concerned. I’ve talked to broadcasters whose families aren’t going there whatsoever. NBC Sports has told their employees that they do not suggest bringing their families with them.”

“Where the arena is going to be and then where the families are going to have to stay is not convenient. There’s not as much tourist stuff around there. It is a scary situation. There’s going to be very few families, if any going over there.”

Listen below for the full discussion, and find out if this will be the last Winter Olympics for NHL players:


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