BOSTON (CBS) – When healthy, there is no tougher cover in the National Football League than Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski – the operative phrase being “when healthy.”

Gronkowski was thought to be a surefire first-round draft pick in 2010, but injury concerns during his college days at Arizona made him fall into the lap of New England early in the second round.

So far, his injury red flags have come to fruition here in his professional days.

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In the summer of 2012, the Patriots gave Gronkowski the largest contract for a tight end in league history: a six-year, $54 million contract extension, which, up until now, has yielded little return on investment.

Nick in Grafton had an interesting take on the Adam Jones Show Thursday night: would you be willing to trade Gronkowski for assets?

“I’m so sick of tired of hearing that the Patriots have to make adjustments because Gronkowski is not on the field. Why not just get rid of the guy and cut our losses now? What is he worth to a Pittsburgh? Or Philadelphia? What kind of draft picks could we get for him?”

“I mean, he’s off the field more than he’s on the field. Time is ticking – we may only have two years left with Tom Brady. I hope I’m wrong, but why are we only relying on one guy? From an athletic point of view the guy is a specimen, but he’s just not on the field enough,” said the perturbed caller.

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Adam Jones brushed aside the suggestion, because “he’s the most dominant player at his position.”

But do Patriots fans feel the same way?

It sounds like a crazy idea given Gronk’s level of productivity – again, when he’s healthy. But theoretically, would you?

Sound off in the comments section with your opinion and listen below for the full discussion:



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