By Jon Keller, WBZ Political EditorBy Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Wow, snowstorm politics can really escalate fast, can’t it?

One minute we’re enduring the reality of winter together, one community committed to helping each other through it.

OK, some of us are.

The next, we’re at each other’s throats – or at least the throats of our civic leaders – over storm-related slights, real or imagined.

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Believe me, I am fully supportive of public backlash when government response to a storm is flawed. Plowing the roads is the bare minimum we expect for our tax dollars, and when they blow it, blowback seems appropriate, especially when they try to spin their way out of it.

For a clinic on how not to handle it, watch the video of New York City Mayor Bill Di Blasio and his plow guy claiming people on the Upper East Side who didn’t get plowed out had just misread some maps, inconveniently placed alongside video of their unplowed streets.

But I have to draw the line at some of the more severe scorn being directed at local officials who made the call to cancel school on the eve of the storm in places where the storm underperformed.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh cited the risk of slippery roads and the need for working parents to have time to make child-care arrangements as his reasons for calling it early, and who can argue with him?

It’s a rare community than can, as Wellesley did, wait until early morning before deciding on the snow day, confident that local parents have the resources to quickly adjust.

Maybe we’re all a little stressed over this nasty winter.

Green tea, neck massages, and naps are due all around.


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