In the first hour Felger and Mazz open the show with some football talk, specifically focusing on Julian Edelman and what the Patriots do with him this off season. Does it make sense for them to let him go in order to create some cap space? And for the 2nd year in a row would they take away Brady’s ‘go to’ guy? If you think about it, Edelman has value because he’s versatile, he’s fast, and will always work in the Patriots system. Keep him around. They also touch on Belichick’s decision on the 4th and 3 call as well as a few other defensive decisions made in the Denver game. They move on to Richard Sherman and his general reaction to how the public has reacted to his comments this past weekend. It sounds like Sherman is pleased with the outpouring of support he’s received since his rant a week ago. He’s trending on every social network and TV station, so who wouldn’t be? They wrap up the hour with caller thoughts on whether Bill 2nd guessed himself and cost his team the chance to win the game.

In hour two they finish up the Pats talk discussing how the team should approach the future and whether or not it’s worth a high draft round pick to replace Gronk. Next, they turn their attention to baseball and the Tanaka signing—does this mean the Yankees will finish ahead of the Sox in the 2014 season? Could the Tanaka signing be similar Daisuke Matsuzaka? They continue the pitching conversation talking about the current state of Red Sox pitchers and whether or not age will be a factor. They wrap up the second hour with Mazz’s opinion of where the Sox will finish in the division. They go around the room asking, “who do you like better, Red Sox or Yankees?”

During hour 3, Felger and Mazz wrap up their first baseball conversation of the year with callers voicing their opinions on the Yankees and Red Sox roster. They then move on to hockey and the weekend 10-man brawl between the Canucks and the Flames that resulted in 8 ejections and 204 penalty minutes. Did the league make this a bigger deal than it needed to be? Isn’t a good old fashioned line brawl good for business? They wrap up the hour with some Celtics talk including what a bad win it was against the Wizards and Danny Ainge’s comments on extending Rondo. Is he the kind of guy you give a max deal to?

They begin the final hour with some Patriots thoughts and take a look back at past year’s rosters. They also talk about the draft picks they ended up with and wonder how confident we should be in Belichick the GM. Will he make the right moves in free agency and the draft? They return to the Sox/Yankees talk debating with the callers whether the Yankees have jumped ahead of the Sox when it comes to overall talent, pitching and competitiveness. They also briefly touched on Roger Goodell‘s consideration to allow players to use marijuana to treat concussions and other head injuries. They wrap things up with The Final Word

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