BOSTON (CBS) – Bill Belichick has said in the past that the extra point after the touchdown is obsolete, with a success rate of nearly automatic.

Apparently the NFL is listening, and are examining ways to change it.

In a sit down interview with Rich Eisen of the NFL Network, commissioner Roger Goodell said the play was not exciting, and cited the number that out of 1,261 attempts in the 2013 season there were only five missed attempts.

One idea Goodell likes is that you automatically get seven points for a touchdown, but the scoring team has the option of either running or passing for an additional point. However, if you choose to go for the eighth point and are held out of the endzone, you will be deducted down to six points.

Not a bad proposal, but Fred Toucher likes the proposal made by caller Jay even better.

By banishing the extra point, the kicking game is basically rendered useless now that kickoff returns are gone by the way of the dodo bird.

So in order to preserve the kicking game, why not just make the extra point like a 35-yard field goal?

Depending on the weather conditions and other factors, a coach could actually decide to go for the two-point conversion rather than attempt this new extra point, which would make the game more strategical and interesting.

Should the NFL change the extra point? If so, how would you fix it? Listen below for the full discussion and give us your ideas in the comments section:

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