Felger and Mazz were joined by Jermaine Wiggins to start Tuesday’s show to continue their football postmortem in the wake of the Patriots loss to the Broncos in the AFC Championship game. The guys get Wiggy’s thoughts on the Pats performance on Sunday including the offensive play calling and the “pick play” that Wes Welker made on Aqib Talib. Felger still thinks it was a questionable hit by Welker and Wiggy agrees with him, however does not completely agree with Bill Belichick’s comments made on Monday. Back on the play calling front, Felger, Mazz and Wiggy broke down the draw play to Shane Vereen on the two-point conversion in the fourth quarter on Sunday. Wiggy explains that there is plenty of blame to go around. Mike, Tony and Jermaine also gave their thoughts on the now infamous Richard Sherman post game interview from the NFC Championship game.

In the second hour, Felger and Mazz, joined by Jermaine Wiggins, continued their discussion on the AFC Championship game, taking issue with some of the calls made early on by the refs, and the play of the defensive backfield. In this week’s edition of “10 Questions with Wiggy”, Felger and Mazz got Wiggy’s thought on topics such as Richard Sherman, trash talking in the NFL, the apparent rule change of the extra point in the NFL, the Williams sisters and Justin Bieber’s reported drug problem. They wrapped up the hour by taking more calls on the Patriots offseason moves, and closed things out in the second hour with listener questions for Wiggy via the CBS Audio Roadshow app.

In the third hour, Felger and Mazz started off by reading a couple of negative pieces of writing toward the New England Patriots. One, a reader email from James in Brighton, stating that save for a shanked field goal by Baltimore two years ago, the Patriots offense has not performed well in the playoffs in recent years. The other piece, Dan Shaughnessy’s column in today’s Boston Globe, who had some strong words for Patriot’s head coach Bill Belichick and the Patriots “media cartel”. Felger and Mazz also touch on Brady’s legacy now that another year has passed without another title. The Patriots will need to reload on offensive weapons as they did in 2007 in order to help Brady, as his window to win another championship is another year closer to closing.

In the final hour, Felger and Mazz continued their discussion on the Patriots squandering another opportunity to advance to the Super Bowl. They also got back into the Aqib Talib injury amid reports that he has no structural damage in his knee after the collision with Wes Welker. Mike, Tony and Beetle debated whether or not there is some deeper meaning behind Talib staying out of that game with the knee injury. Later in the hour, Felger called for more Richard Sherman audio, which always seems to deliver on the entertainment factor. They wrapped up the show with The Final Word with Marc Bertrand, revisiting the “10 Questions with Wiggy” from earlier in the day.


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