BOSTON (CBS) – It’s Tuesday, which means former Patriots tight end and Sports Hub host Jermaine Wiggins appeared in studio from 2-4pm with Michael Felger and Tony Massarotti to discuss the world of sports.

The best part of his appearance is a segment we like to call ‘10 Questions With Wiggy‘ – where nothing is off limits and everything is on the table.

Felger has ten questions ready to go for Wiggy . . . here they are:

10. Is Richard Sherman of the Seahawks an elite cornerback?

9. Who was the best trash talker you ever played with or against? Give us an example to illustrate your point.

8. According to online reports, Justin Bieber has a serious drug problem, and it’s the purple drank “sizzurp” – a mixture of cough medicine, alcohol and other ingredients. What can you tell us about “leanin'”?

7. The NFL is considering eliminating the extra point. Roger Goodell said one idea being kicked around was just giving a team 7 points for a TD and if the team decides to “go for two” you would get 8 on the board if you make it, and 6 if the try failed. What would your new extra point system be?

6. Canucks coach John Tortorella was suspended 15 days (6 games) for trying to enter the Calgary Flames’ locker room after that fabulous line brawl to open their game the other night. In all your years in sports, did you ever try to enter another locker room, or fight an opponent during halftime or after a game?

5. Please translate the ‘Wiggy Word On The Street’:

The wizzy got me on this Mary Jane on BET its aight u gotta put the wood up on it!!!

4. What is the most you would pay to retain LeGarrette Blount?

3. Serena Williams’ five-month winning streak came to an end last week at the Australian Open. Where does Williams rank on your most attractive female athletes list?

2. If you could take one player off one of the two Super Bowl rosters who would it be?

1. Give me your Super Bowl prediction!

Listen for Wiggy’s answers and leave us yours in the comments section below:


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