PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (CBS) — The crew was on their way from New York to the British Virgin Islands when their boat became disabled.

Longtime sailor Charlie Doane was navigating the 42-foot catamaran named “Be Good Too” when they were hit by strong winds and huge waves on Saturday, about 300 miles off the coast of Virginia.

“We took one very large hit from a wave, dead on the front,” Doane said.

Also on board, the skipper and the yacht’s owners, a couple who bought the $500,000 boat to enjoy in their retirement.

“Immediately after that big wave hit, we couldn’t get the boat under control again,” he said.

The crew spent two days trying to fix the problems but steering was out and so was the electricity.

They called the coast guard who came out Tuesday morning. Each of them went into the water and were then lifted into a Coast Guard helicopter.

Their odyssey at sea over, the boat left to sink.

Doane tells WBZ-TV, there is insurance but he’s not sure how much will be covered.


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