By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Remorse is a powerful thing.

When someone commits a serious offense, it is expected that, once caught, the perp will, if he or she wants rehabilitation or mercy, show genuine remorse.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

Some body-language experts say that entails sincere displays of emotion, an honest recounting of the offense committed, effusive expressions of regret and begging for forgiveness.

By that standard, Chris Christie’s big press conference last week was a flop. But that was nothing compared with the courtroom conduct – as reported by the Globe – of State Rep. Carlos Henriquez and his lawyer Wednesday after a jury convicted Henriquez of assault and battery on a girlfriend.

These were serious charges, taken seriously by the jurors and by Henriquez’s fellow Democrats on Beacon Hill. House Speaker DeLeo is threatening to expel him if he doesn’t resign.

The defense wanted no jail time.

But Henriquez showed no emotion in court. His lawyer, even after the verdict, insisted he didn’t do anything.

Judge Michele Hogan took it all in and told the batterer she was “very concerned that you’re not remorseful.”

Perhaps the lawyer thinks this can be overturned on appeal, and counseled her client to not show remorse, or maybe neither of them feel it’s warranted.

Either way, it’s a huge mistake.

People can be forgiving, if there’s cause.

But the crime is always compounded when perps and their mouthpieces cling arrogantly to their fantasies, and fail to give forgiveness any oxygen.

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