BOSTON (CBS) – Adam Jones was on air late to recap the Celtics breaking their 9-game losing streak with an 88-83 win over the Raptors on Wednesday night, when one caller said that as a season ticket holder he is not happy.

For someone paying hard earned dollars to watch this team on a nightly basis, the caller would like to see a better product on the court.

Adam Jones says the majority of the fan base does not agree with that assessment.

It’s best to be patient, because it’s better, and easier to rebuild your team from the draft lottery than to try and do it from the middle of the pack.

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“Most of the fan base wants this Celtics team to be good somewhere down the road as opposed to competitive in the interim. I don’t need to see the Celtics sneak in as the 6, 7 or 8 seed and lose in the first round if that means they’re going to lose out on good trade chips,” said Jones.

However, that doesn’t mean season ticket holders should be without any gripes.

“Anybody who is doling out hard earned cash for these Celtics tickets, especially if this is your first year as a season ticket holder, I can see how that would be hard to stomach.”

Listen below:


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